"Proud to Serve is a portrait project by photographer Jo Ann Santangelo, a recent graduate of ICP. She has spent the last two years traveling to 31 states and photographing men and women who served or were discharged under the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy."

God knows how the powers that be justified/justify this incredible bit of 19th century discrimination in the 21st century.  Although, I’ve no idea how they justify a great majority of what they do…

For those who don’t know already….

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I want to love Dan Savage.  I really do.  His “It gets better” campaign is wonderful, but he’s got, as this article shows, a LOT of issues with those of us who aren’t thin, white males. 

Classy Japanese Toilet (via ghostofmatsubara)

Classing Japanese toilets!

Great stories of life-long love to give me hope. 

How to cut up t-shirts.  Useful if you want to look ultra-tuff, like I like to.  :>